SS Chest Rig S


1 X Chest Rig SS

2 X Cintas elasticas Cat N3.

1 X Panel molle .

Compatible with SS BPACK and SPEEDGAM



The new SS Rig chest designed for a very fast, very comfortable, and lightweight fit.

You will be able to configure to your liking, swap molle panels quickly, talking a little 

Of its new additions, we have a foam fit on the back, which

It fits the central area of the chest, so its sides take the shape of the chest.

Click Cobra metallics, quick separation, which give it a more aggressive look.

Elastic straps of category N3 , Resistant adjustable and comfortable, with velcro at their ends.

Watherproof zipper pocket with soft velcro inside to carry pouch or accessories.

Full velcro front.

Keychain at the bottom, we added this because we think it can give a lot of play, carry keychains,

or use to quickly remove or add things.

X-strap closure on the back.

Molle velcro and molle panel, with rubber pulls.

Compatible with SS BPACK and SPEEDGAM.