SpeedGam T Green V2


Pack includes :

1 Backpack Speedgam V2

1 Chest Rig Speedgam V2

1 Panel Molle include velcro in molle for patches

3 Tapes for Chest Rig

1 Tape for abdomen Fit

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We present SPEEDGAM V2, the best creation ever made.

SPEDGAM V2, A Had a very large job behind it, with which more than 10 fit tests have been carried out, as the main feature of the dynamic design of the back in which the shape of the spine was studied, thus adjusting with its padding reaches the lower back area, sitting perfectly in the lower back, for very high comfort when transporting.

The SPEEDGAM backpack, has everything you need for the game of airsoft spedsoft speedqb, finishing each detail of its construction on the straps we have a padding of 1 centimeter and sewn in V, It also has molle tape sewn throughout its length with spacing 2.5 cm between them, to carry anything of that size, adjustment clips on the chest, which can be changed in height to achieve the perfect fit to our body, we have 2 Velcro closures to hook HPA or CAMELBACK hoses.

In the abdomen area we have an extra adjustment to prevent movements, which is hooked and adjusted with 2 loops located in the lower part of the backpack, so we can have this adjustment on, or removed if it is not necessary. With this adjustment we can also turn it over to the front of the backpack, to obtain a prey strap, for example to transport a replica on either side of the backpack.

On the front of the backpack reinventing the SPEEDGAM, the size has been changed reducing everything possible to improve aesthetics, but never without removing the inner space for the transport of HPA bottles or any article of low size, inside the backpack we have an adjustment by means of cordura tape and loops, which will make our bottle not move absolutely at all or in extreme situations, below we also have pressure tape to achieve the robustness and necessary force that no movements are made in the race.

Outside we have a superior velcro to carry patches or customize the backpack to our liking and make it unique and striking, you can get a completely personalized patch in the following link PATCH CUSTOM

Also on the outside we have a pocket with a rubber zipper of the highest quality on the market, which inside we have added a non-removable pouch system for 3 chargers, or to introduce some items that we need, covered with velcro to carry our patches, put a molle panel and transport of scrapers.

In the part of the sides we have incorporated molle hooks which we can carry pouch, or any equipment that we need.

In the highest design, all the zippers are rubberized and extra resistant for a very high durability.

All the study of the backpack has been a great challenge and we have observed all the necessary points to have a backpack, to compete in the highest competitions with a total weight of 0.8kg (backpack+chest rig), designing the most delicate area for players with an optimal fit and perfect of the back you could notice how the padding feels perfectly in your lumbar area and its recessed system adjusts the upper area of ​​the spine, in the straps one Molle in each one will make your Chest Rig stay at the desired height, being able to go down or up very comfortably.

3 hose outlets, reinforced in leather.

The chest Rig with a new horizontal padding system will make your chest protection and adjustment optimal.

On the Chest Rig with its 8 quick hooks 4 located on the sides you can have the FIT and comfortable fit you want, with fast loops in which you can take them to the perfect fit.

Inside the Chest Rig it has soft velcro to incorporate a triple pistol pouch and have the front velcro panel free for your patches or carry more Pouch. VIEW POUCH

Molle panel for the chest with rubberized handle, for its quicker takeoff, and to be able to obtain color panels and have various configurations.

The adjustment between backpack and chest will be a new experience in your game, ultra fast adjustment, maximum comfort, highest quality material, thinking about the adjustment of the players you will have a very high gratitude that this system and everything we can do with the complete set, from its innovative back adjustment system to its chest placement, hpa bottle transport. Everything has been designed to get a very good gaming experience, and we have designed for you the best backpack on the market.

All zipper pulls have a pull with the brand's color logo.

In the design process it has taken us a long time, but it has helped us to see all the necessary things in our hobby in which we have used all the details to the maximum, and we offer a quality guarantee.

Use it in your favorite sports, show it with your patches, unique azla adapted to you and your way of being, live the gaming experience at another level. Add your personalized name and number patch in the color you like PATCH CUSTOM



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Little Chest Rig

Little Backpack